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Dan Polizzi was in a rush to get this race over with

Why waste time? Let’s keep this show on the road!

It was the first heat of the Knockout Round on Team Ninja Warrior when Dan Polizzi raced Geoff Lancaster.

Geoff was on the InvincAbels and Dan represented the Towers of Power. The Knockout Round is so important on each episode. Dan knew he needed to get the point to give his team a strong position.

His strategy? Get off the course as fast as possible. Like, just LEAVE.


Geoff and Dan were pretty even at the Ring of Fire.

But when Geoff got tangled up on the obstacle, Dan just left.

Geoff was probably thinking, “Yeah, that guy’s in a hurry.”

Bye, Dan.

See you later, Dan.

It was cool hanging out with you, Dan.

Dan had someplace to be. And that was at the top of the Warped Wall, earning his team a point.

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