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First Look: Kevin Bull’s Los Angeles City Qualifying run

Is the Bull in trouble on the new season’s first episode?

To help us get excited for American Ninja Warrior’s season nine premiere on June 12, NBC has released several teaser runs.

We got a chance to see Kevin Bull back on the course!

He’s known for speed and it looks like he’s going for the fastest time with the way he bounds through the Floating Steps.

His awesome friends from C.A.P., the Children’s Alopecia Project, were there to cheer him on again.

Kevin takes a quick ride on the Cannonball Drop.

And makes short work of the Fly Wheels.

Even Block Run looks like a breeze.

We also see Kevin on a new obstacle, the Battering Ram. But as he tries to transition to the second bar, he misses the first grab. DOES HE MAKE IT???

We’ll have to wait until Monday, June 12 at 8 pm on NBC to find out!