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Drew Drechsel tackled Stage Three for Team USA and for himself

In USA vs the World, the win and redemption were on the line.

It all came down to one run on American Ninja Warrior’s USA vs the World. Team USA was tied with Team Europe at seven points each with only one heat left on Stage Three. This meant it was all or nothing for both teams.

Europe’s Sean McColl put up a strong run. He gave the Body Prop every ounce of energy he had, but ultimately fell there, setting the benchmark for the next Ninja.

Then it was Drew Drechsel’s turn to step on the course. He had fallen from the Hang Climb of Stage Three in regular competition. He wanted this. He wanted not only the win for Team USA, but the buzzer for himself.

He was so intent and focused that he ran the course with headphones in.

He breezed through the Circuit Board, making a very early dismount to the platform and conserving his energy.

The Hanging Boards also offered no trouble. He cleared them in under 30 seconds.

Then, it was the Ultimate Cliff Hanger. Drew nailed both terrifying transition leaps.

But this was it. This was where it really mattered. He stopped for a moment to pick the perfect motivational song.

Then, it was on to the Body Prop.

As soon as he touched the Hang Climb, he’d done it! The win was cinched for Team USA!

Now, Drew wanted the rest of the course for himself. He faced the Hang Climb once more.

But with his previous experience, he’d learned to fix his mistake, allowing him to move on to the Walking Bar.

After the Walking Bar, one obstacle was left. He faced the tricky Flying Bar after using so much energy on this taxing course.

With a mix of sheer fear and thrilling excitement, the crowd watched him navigate the dismount.

He did it! Drew Drechsel claimed the Stage Three buzzer!

His girlfriend, April, was overcome with emotion.

As was Drew and the entirety of Team USA, who flocked to his side.

In an incredible show of focus, grit and determination, Drew earned Team USA the trophy. But he also professed his dominance over the brutal Stage Three!

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