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Team Ninja Warrior: Wildcard start time and live stream

When to tune in and how to watch.

Brandon Hickman/USA Network

Seven teams of Ninja have fought their way to the Team Ninja Warrior finals. But we’re not there yet! Four teams who just missed their chance are returning to battle for the wildcard position.

Come chat with your fellow fans during the show. If you're new here, make sure you check out our guide to American Ninja Warrior Nation.


  • Labreckfast Club
    Jon Alexis Jr., Noel Reyes, Jesse Labreck
  • Superhero Squad
    Jamie Rahn, Sean Darling Hammond, Rachael Goldstein
  • The Wings
    Thomas Stillings, David Yarter, Melanie Hunt
  • The Ballers
    Lorin Ball, Paul Kasemir, Meiling Huang

Date: June 6

Start time: 10/9c pm

TV channel: USA Network

Live streaming: USA Network.Com (You'll just need to verify your cable provider.)

Next episode: June 13 10/9c

Missed previous episodes? Full episodes are available online.

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