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Alternate Sean Bryan proved to be a huge asset for the NorCal Ninjas

He stepped in with a cool head and fresh speed for the team.

When the NorCal Ninjas needed an alternative after Brian Kretsch was injured, they called in Sean Bryan. Having Sean’s fresh energy on the course proved invaluable. Sean was a dominating force, helping the NorCal Ninjas secure the wildcard position in the finals.

Grant McCartney of the Golden Hearts was another formidable contender. He’d had a big role in getting his team to the Finals as well.

When Sean and Grant faced off, it was anyone’s guess who would come out on top.

It stayed that way for quite awhile. They were locked in a dead heat through the Sonic Swing.

Even through the devastating Ring of Fire, they were neck and neck.

It wasn’t until Sean crossed the Floating Tiles before Grant that there was any separation in their performances.

Then, on the Tire Swings, it looked like Grant might take the lead.

But that little added push gave Sean the motivation he needed to clear the obstacle.

He had a great run up the Warped Wall. Which was what he needed because Grant was right behind him.

The NorCal Ninjas won the first heat, but did they take the whole match up? Find out in the episode recap here.