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Devin Harrelson’s flashy Kansas City Qualifiers run

He brought some serious style to the course, but did it hurt him in the end?

Devin Harrelson lit up the American Ninja Warrior course with his unique style!

In this run from the Kansas City Qualifiers, Devin takes on the course while wearing one flashy getup!

Check out the kicks he wore! Just helping us make sure we can spot him on the course.

See? Those shoes show you the exact moment he pushed off the last Floating Step.

They were still looking pretty flashy on the Hang Glider.

Devin’s style isn’t limited to his outfit. Check out the slick dive he took to escape the Broken Pipes!

He handled the new obstacle, Crank It Up, with relative ease.

He even made the Bar Hop look like a party right after it!

But, did Devin’s style let him down at the Warped Wall? It looked like he slipped on his first attempt.

The second try, it seemed like he ran straight into the Wall.

On his third attempt, he was SO close! But he wasn’t able to hang on.

Did his flashy shoes betray him? Was he unable to get the traction he needed to run up the Warped Wall?

We’ll see if Devin changes up his footwear for the City Finals in a few weeks!