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What you didn’t see: Daytona City Qualifiers

The Wingnuts sent dozens of Ninjas home.

Myron Luzniak/NBC

American Ninja Warrior’s visit to Daytona looked like a dream come true to many. Drew Drechsel hit the buzzer at 1 minute and 10 seconds. Tyler Gillett moved on to the City Finals after seven years of training.

Kevin Carbone made it through the walk on line and faced an obstacle he designed, the Wingnuts. While he was able to defeat it, many others wouldn’t be so lucky. Check out just how many people fell there, along with some other stats on what there wasn’t time to show on television.

We saw on TV: 38 Ninjas

Night of recording: 115 Ninjas ran the course

We saw on TV: 10 finishers

Night of recording: 18 Ninjas hit the buzzer

We saw on TV: 7 Ninjas fall on the second obstacle, the Rolling Pin

Night of recording: 25 Ninjas ended their night on the obstacle

We saw on TV: 11 Ninja Warriors unable to complete the Wingnuts

Night of recording: A whopping 40 Ninjas failed on the fan-designed obstacle

Myron Luzniak/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Isaac York: Floating Steps
  • Amy McCall: Floating Steps
  • Ginny MacColl: Floating Steps
  • Heather Gleaton: Floating Steps
  • Christina Gambino: Floating Steps
  • Tawana Jackson: Floating Steps
  • Amber Johnson: Floating Steps
  • Caleb Wagoner: Floating Steps
  • Charisse Briguera: Floating Steps
  • Nicole Lloyd: Floating Steps
  • Denise Streleckis: Floating Steps
  • Ben Kennedy: Rolling Pin
  • Colleen McCormack: Rolling Pin
  • Timothy Steflik: Rolling Pin
  • Ralph Cordero: Rolling Pin
  • Jessica Clayton: Rolling Pin
  • Rico Moore: Rolling Pin
  • Otis Hooper: Rolling Pin
  • Christopher Fail: Rolling Pin
  • Halei Jo Fuller: Rolling Pin
  • Grace Sims: Rolling Pin
  • Elijah Miernik: Rolling Pin
  • Todd Bourgeois: Rolling Pin
  • Jared James: Rolling Pin
  • Elizer Joh Llanera: Rolling Pin
  • Victoria Case: Rolling Pin
  • Nicole Martinez: Rolling Pin
  • Kara Birch: Rolling Pin
  • Paris Brown: Rolling Pin
  • Ronald Washington: Rolling Pin
  • Nichelle Simon: Rolling Pin
  • Godfroy Ali Yerima: Rolling Pin
  • Faysal Shafaat: Rolling Pin
  • Collin Meadows: Rolling Pin
  • Kevin Smithey: Rolling Pin
  • Rick Whisenhunt: Rolling Pin
  • Michael Poston: Wingnuts
  • Scott Hogan: Wingnuts
  • Flash Jordan Brown: Wingnuts
  • Conner Rezende: Wingnuts
  • Matthew Atwell: Wingnuts
  • Casey Passafaro: Wingnuts
  • David Lewis Jr: Wingnuts
  • Danny Kincaid: Wingnuts
  • Dr. Brooks Tiller: Wingnuts
  • Dr. Elliot Love: Wingnuts
  • Cameron Drake: Wingnuts
  • Emily Durham: Wingnuts
  • Sal Barone: Wingnuts
  • Rochambeau Dolcine: Wingnuts
  • Adriane Alvord: Wingnuts
  • Jade Buford: Wingnuts
  • Mack Roesch: Wingnuts
  • Rodney Sumter: Wingnuts
  • Joy Strickland: Wingnuts
  • Casey Suchocki: Wingnuts
  • John Loobey: Wingnuts
  • Spencer Wyckoff: Wingnuts
  • Greg Schwartz: Wingnuts
  • Douglas Legg: Wingnuts
  • Frederick Torres: Wingnuts
  • Fernando Sanabria: Wingnuts
  • Henry Ferrarin: Wingnuts
  • Richie Cortes: Wingnuts
  • Kristi Cooke: Wingnuts
  • JoJo Bynum: Wingnuts
  • Adam Grossman: Wingnuts
  • Andrew Imber: Wingnuts
  • Andy Harrington: Wingnuts
  • Paul Lim: Wingnuts
  • Kyle Litow: Wingnuts
  • Caleb Watson: Wingnuts
  • James Bartholomew: Wingnuts
  • Julio Santiago: Wingnuts
  • Tony Aviles: Wingnuts
  • Joseph Rosello: Wingnuts
  • Young Kim: Broken Bridge
  • Josh Phillips: Broken Bridge
  • Timothy Miller: Broken Bridge
  • Christopher Johnson: Broken Bridge
  • Jason Bergstrom: Broken Bridge
  • Hunter Sipes: Broken Bridge
  • Jonathan Brown: Rolling Thunder
  • Faris Xero: Rolling Thunder
  • Michael Murdick: Rolling Thunder
  • Jonathan Lorch: Rolling Thunder
  • Cedric Idudu: Rolling Thunder
  • Breanna Widener: Rolling Thunder
  • Josh Butler: Rolling Thunder
  • Oscar Ramirez: Rolling Thunder
  • Jessie Graff: Rolling Thunder
  • Les Bradley: Rolling Thunder
  • Bootie Cothran: Rolling Thunder
  • Lindsay Eskildsen: Rolling Thunder
  • Steven Cen: Rolling Thunder
  • Ricky Vu: Rolling Thunder
  • Royall Eason: Rolling Thunder
  • Casidy Marks: Complete
  • Kevin Carbone: Complete
  • Nick Patel: Complete
  • Brett Sims: Complete
  • JJ Woods: Complete
  • Travis Rosen: Complete
  • Reko Rivera: Complete
  • Tyler Gillett: Complete
  • Rigel Henry: Complete
  • Ryan Stratis: Complete
  • Tukrong Klengdon: Complete
  • Eddy Stewart: Complete
  • Sean Darling-Hammond: Complete
  • Alexio Gomes: Complete
  • Drew Drechsel: Complete
  • Lucas Gomes: Complete
  • Michael Johnson: Complete
  • Dustin Fishman: Complete

You can find a recap of the televised episode here.