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Travis Rosen’s family and students keep him coming back to American Ninja Warrior

They’ve helped inspire the Ninja Warrior to stick around for eight years.

What keeps Travis Rosen motivated

Travis Rosen's loved ones keep him focused on Total Victory.

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Travis Rosen is a familiar face on American Ninja Warrior. The respected athlete has competed in the last eight seasons. Most recently, fans saw him at the Daytona City Qualifiers, where he took home the second fastest time of the night. A busy family man, he still finds time to train and participate year after year.

As someone with years of experience under his belt, including a trip up Mt. Midoriyama for USA vs the World, what keeps Travis motivated?

We chatted with him before his time on the Daytona course to find out!