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Drew Drechsel out paced the competition on the finale of Team Ninja Warrior

Travis Rosen just simply couldn’t catch up.

On the final episode of Team Ninja Warrior’s second season, team captains Travis Rosen and Drew Drechsel faced off in an early match up.

Both of them were gunning for a shot at the championship relay. They were on high alert as they approached the starting line.

The Real Life Beasts and Team TNT had split the points for the first two heats, meaning the winner here would claim victory for the match up.

They both tore down the course at top speed. It was Drew who would get the coveted lead from the Ring of Fire.

He breezed through the Swing Jump with ease, setting himself even further ahead of Travis.

After the Floating Tiles, it was clear Drew was running this race on his own. Travis was not going to be able to match his speed.

The Tire Swing gave him almost no pause.

Travis was a full obstacle back, still working to cross the Floating Tiles.

Drew performed a backflip off the Tire Swings to launch himself at the Warped Wall.

With that buzzer, Real Life Beasts took the win and were one step closer to the championships.

Was Drew’s team able to take home the trophy? Find out in the full recap here.