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Drew Drechsel flew through the Daytona Qualifiers course in just over a minute

No breaks. No sweat.

Drew Drechsel has made it clear that he intends to go all the way on season nine of American Ninja Warrior. In season eight, he fell on Stage Three of the National Finals for the second year in a row. He doesn’t want it to happen again.

The Daytona City Qualifiers were Drew’s first step towards reaching his goal.

And, whoa, did he make a statement.

Drew was level-headed but ferocious in his run. He bounded through the Floating Steps.

He locked in on the Rolling Pin.

Drew had only been on the course for 22 seconds when he was finishing up the Wingnuts.

He faced down the Broken Bridge just 28 seconds into his run.

The Rolling Thunder took a little bit of time, just due to the sheer size of the obstacle, but Drew flew through it.

Drew completed the course in a blazing one minute and just over ten seconds!

Hey National Finals, Drew Drechsel is gunning for you!

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