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Jessie Graff faced the Rolling Thunder in Daytona

Watch her season nine Qualifiers run, pitting her against an infamously hard obstacle.

When Jessie Graff stepped on to the American Ninja Warrior course in Daytona, there was a huge amount of pressure on her shoulders. After her epic performances in season eight, fans wanted to see her back at the City Finals and they wanted it BAD.

Lucky for us, Jessie was prepared to deliver! Check out her impressive Qualifier run.

At the awkward second obstacle, the Rolling Pin, Jessie looked totally calm while arranging her grip.

She’d never been on the Wingnuts before, but her focus and body control allowed her to navigate the sideways laches.

The Broken Bridge barely wiggled as Jessie crossed it.

Then, it was time for the daunting Rolling Thunder, a Ninja killer from season eight. Jessie paused for a minute to plan out her approach.

At first, she was cruising along, making it look easy.

A little over half way through the obstacle, you could tell she was starting to pump out her arms.

She held on for as long as she could, but in the end, Rolling Thunder claimed another victim.

But Jessie went far enough fast enough to place 26th overall for the night, putting her in the City Finals!

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