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Tiana Webberley’s winning streak came down to this race

Could she keep her record going when facing Barclay Stockett?

We were in the middle of an intense Knockout Round on Team Ninja Warrior when Team Ronin sent in Tiana Webberley and Iron Grip sent in Barclay Stockett.

The match up would decide which team still had a chance at the championship relay race. Iron Grip had won the first heat. But Tiana Webberley hadn’t lost a Team Ninja Warrior race EVER. In her two seasons on the show, no one she’d gone head to head with had beaten her to the buzzer.

But Barclay had been pulling off some impressive finishes this season. This proved to be an intense match to watch!

It looked like Tiana would get the lead after the Ring of Fire.

But Barclay zipped right past her at the Swing Jump.

Barclay took the lead again at the Floating Tiles.

But the Tire Swings had proven to be a make or break point on the course.

At one point, the Ninjas were dead even.

Barclay showed off impressive speed and zero hesitation. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she sprinted to the Wall.

With that buzzer, she delivered another point to Iron Grip, and Tiana’s first defeat.

To find out if Iron Grip made it to the championships, read the full recap here.