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Here are your Daytona City Finalists

They’ve survived the first round and we’ll see them back on the course soon!

Myron Luzniak/NBC

American Ninja Warrior packed a tough City Qualifiers course when it hit Daytona for a little spring break. But even with the tricky Wingnuts on the course, 18 Ninjas still hit the buzzer.

Here they are, as well as the rest of the top Ninja Warriors who qualified to return for the City Finals in the few weeks!

Top 30

  1. Drew Drechsel
  2. Travis Rosen
  3. Tyler Gillett
  4. Cassidy Marks
  5. Tukrong Klengdong
  6. JJ Woods
  7. Brett Sims
  8. Reko Rivera
  9. Ryan Stratis
  10. Lucas Gomes
  11. Sean Darling-Hammond
  12. Nick Patel
  13. Kevin Carbone
  14. Rigel Henry
  15. Alexio Gomes
  16. Dustin Fishman
  17. Michael Johnson
  18. Eddy Stewart
  19. Les Bradley
  20. Michael Murdick
  21. Steven Cen
  22. Bootie Cothran
  23. Faris Xero
  24. Cedric Idudu
  25. Oscar Ramirez
  26. Ricky Vu
  27. Jessie Graff
  28. Josh Butler
  29. Royall Eason
  30. Jonathan Lorch
Myron Luzniak/NBC

Top Five Women

  1. Jessie Graff
  2. Lindsay Eskildsen
  3. Bree Widener
  4. Emily Durham
  5. Adriane Alvord

You can find a full recap of the episode here.

Next stop, a return visit to Kansas City on July 3!