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Joe Moravsky set a new course record on Team Ninja Warrior

It is ever going to be possible to beat this time?

On part one of the Team Ninja Warrior championships, Joe Moravsky’s Storm Team faced Daniel Gil’s Iron Grip in the second match up round. The teams were tied when the captains took to the course. Whoever got the win would take the match.

Now, Daniel Gil is an incredible competitor. This was a great run for him. But we need to talk about Joe Moravsky, because he was on a whole new level during this race.

Things started off fairly even.

Then Joe launched himself off the Ring of Fire and never looked back.

It seemed like he never even took a breath! Before you knew what happened, he was on the Tire Swing.

Daniel got on the obstacle at the same time, but Joe was just competing in a different universe. Nothing phased him.

Boom. Tire Swing done. Off to the Warped Wall.

He hit the buzzer at 30.85 seconds, a stunning new record.

In the amount of time it took to read this, Joe probably could have finished the course. Maybe twice.

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