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Barclay Stockett’s come-from-behind win will make your jaw drop

NO ONE saw this coming.

On part one of the Team Ninja Warrior finals, two super strong teams faced off. Joe Moravsky’s Storm Team and Daniel Gil’s Iron Grip both had the passion and drive to make this an intense competition.

In their first heat, Storm Team had edged out Iron Grip. In the second heat, Iron Grip sent in Barclay Stockett and Storm Team featured Allyssa Beird. These two Ninjas were about to give us one of the most exciting, scream inducing runs of the season.

It started when both women had a moment stuck on the Ring of Fire.

It was Barclay who was free first, moving on to the Swing Jump.

But she missed her first grab at the cargo net. This let Allyssa run right up next to her.

Allyssa crossed first, but was a little rushed and got her feet wet.

They changed leads again when Barclay was first on the Floating Tiles.

Allyssa almost didn’t make it across the Tiles. It looked like Barclay would have a strong advantage.

But when Barclay got on the Tire Swings, all momentum was sapped from her run. It looked like she couldn’t get a swing going.

As Allyssa was passing her, Barclay got creative. She went upside down to extend her reach!

But Allyssa got the dismount first and headed for the Warped Wall. Game over, right? Wait for it...




Akbar legitimately couldn’t handle what he’d just seen.

Barclay hit the buzzer to claim the win for Iron Grip and tie up the points!

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