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Jake Murray helps Alex Weber warm up for the Wingnuts

The new obstacle in Daytona requires that your grip strength is fully engaged.

This week’s edition of Crashing the Course brought us to the Daytona American Ninja Warrior course. Host Alex Weber checked out the new third obstacle, the Wingnuts.

The Wingnuts require the Ninjas to make three lateral laches on tiny grip ledges to get past the obstacle.

Before he tried out the Wingnuts himself, Alex called in Ninja Warrior Jake Murray for some advice.

This brought us to our... (drumroll please)

Jake Murray took Alex through a hand and arm warm up to get his grip ready for those big leaps. Say it with us: Tiger, crane, snail, monkey.

Once they were feeling loose and ready, Jake went first. He loves the feeling of flying and totally enjoyed the obstacle.

Then it was Alex’s turn. He made it to the second Wingnut but was looking a little out of control. Could he make the third move?

Find out in the full video above!