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JJ Woods had no intention of experiencing his first loss during this race

Noah Kaufman kept close to his heels, but JJ kept his record intact.

The very first run of the Team Ninja Warrior finals let us know we were in for a wild ride!

Flip Rodriguez’s Team Ronin faced Noah Kaufman’s Think Tank. The first heat matched up JJ Woods against Noah. JJ had been undefeated so far this season. But could that last forever?

JJ got the lead after the Ring of Fire, quickly moving on to the Swing Jump.

But Noah appeared right next to him! Noah did get his feet wet, which can spell trouble at the Warped Wall.

They paced each other all the way down the course. At the Tire Swing, they were totally even.

Both of them put their strengths on display, navigating the difficult obstacle and leaping for the dismount at the same time.

JJ, however, kicked into a whole new gear to sprint to the Warped Wall first.

JJ would take home the point for Team Ronin. And then gave us this look. Letting everyone know he had no plans of giving up his winning streak anytime soon.

Did JJ stay undefeated in the first part of the finals? Read the full recap here.