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Brent Steffensen’s years of experience paid off in front of his hometown crowd

His San Antonio Qualifying run put him back at the buzzer.

When Brent Steffensen took to the course in San Antonio, the American Ninja Warrior veteran was not planning on getting wet in his hometown. His run was a great example of the experience gained by six visits to the National Finals.

On the Floating Steps, he paused for a minute before the rope grab. The calculation helped him hit the landing with one swing.

You could see him mentally navigating the Tick Tock as he got himself into position.

His swing to the pendulum didn’t leave him with much momentum. But Brent was able generate the motion he needed to get to the cargo net.

Balance obstacles are always tricky. Brent was able to keep his feet light on the Spinning Bridge.

He took his time on the Sky Hooks, but moved quickly enough to avoid taxing his grip strength.

By the Pipe Fitter, Brent was looking happy and relaxed. He knew he had this under control.

He used a locked grip on the Pipe Fitter to ensure he wouldn’t fall.

After a quick trip up the Warped Wall, Brent was back at the buzzer, his first for season nine!

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