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Daniel Gil’s San Antonio Qualifying run was a thing of beauty

To earn the fastest time of the night, Daniel had to be quick, smart and pretty flawless.

Daniel Gil returned to American Ninja Warrior for season nine with a bang! The Kingdom Ninja tore though the course, putting up a beautifully flawless run and snagging the fastest time of the night.

The Sky Hooks, an obstacle that had stopped so many Ninjas over the course of the evening, barely offered Daniel a challenge.

He breezed through them with zero hesitation. Daniel looked to have total body control, making each transfer with ease.

At the end of the Pipe Fitter, Daniel was dangerously close to surpassing Thomas Stillings’ time, who had been the fastest to that point.

He’d have to get up the Warped Wall with no errors. Could he do it?

Yes. Yes he could! We’ll see Daniel back in the San Antonio City Finals!

You can find a full recap of the episode here.