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Barclay Stockett exploded onto the scene with this American Ninja Warrior run

This season, everyone is going to know her name.

The breakout performance of the American Ninja Warrior San Antonio City Qualifiers was definitely Barclay Stockett. The gymnastics coach has been an American Ninja Warrior contestant before, but she plans to make her name known this season!

She gave a commanding performance in San Antonio, becoming the only woman to pass the Sky Hooks and placing 30th overall for the night.

As she began her run, Barclay took a cautious approach to the Floating Steps.

But at the Tick Tick, she generated so much power in her swing that she almost launched herself over the pendulum!

She was all smiles after the Spinning Bridge.

Then came the daunting Sky Hooks. Barclay has us scared for a minute when she had a circular swing going. But she reset, slowed down and took control.

The crowd went wild as she reached the landing pad. Barclay took a moment to digest what she’d just accomplished.

Then it was on the Pipe Fitter. If she completed this obstacle, she’d be at the foot of the Warped Wall!

It was the very last transfer that finally brought Barclay down into the water.

But yeah, it’s safe to say she had the crowd inspired!

After that impressive run, Barclay will move on to the San Antonio City Finals!

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