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What you didn’t see: San Antonio City Qualifiers

Tick Tock showed absolutely no mercy.

Felicia Graham/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior San Antonio City Qualifiers was full of memorable moments. We saw the Ninjas hold strong while trying to defeat new obstacle, the Sky Hooks. Behind the scenes though, it was Tick Tock, a returning obstacle, was serving up a big helping of punishing defeats.

Here’s some of what there wasn’t time to show on TV.

We saw on TV: 42 Ninjas

Night of recording: 115 Ninjas ran the course

We saw on TV: 12 finishers

Night of recording: 16 Ninjas hit the buzzer

We saw on TV: 11 Ninjas end their runs at the Sky Hooks

Night of recording: It took out 25 Ninjas

We saw on TV: 7 Ninjas fall at Tick Tock

Night of recording: 43 Ninjas would not pass this obstacle

Felicia Graham/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments!

Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Allison Toepperwein: Floating Steps
  • Rommel Camangeg: Floating Steps
  • Catherine Risinger: Floating Steps
  • Lauren Keen: Floating Steps
  • Sarah Marse: Floating Steps
  • Roxanne Edrington: Floating Steps
  • Conor Daly: Floating Steps
  • Wesley De La Rosa: Tick Tock
  • Austin Brunson: Tick Tock
  • Trevor Parks: Tick Tock
  • Gerardo Huerta: Tick Tock
  • Marc Coulam: Tick Tock
  • Stephen Edwards: Tick Tock
  • Scott Martin: Tick Tock
  • Brandi Monteverde: Tick Tock
  • Ben Saville: Tick Tock
  • Artis Thompson III: Tick Tock
  • Jamie Peterson: Tick Tock
  • Lisa Eicher: Tick Tock
  • Donnell Brown: Tick Tock
  • Cara Haymaker: Tick Tock
  • Jeffrey Kearney: Tick Tock
  • Charlotte Eccles: Tick Tock
  • Jesse Van Wey: Tick Tock
  • Abraham Kamara: Tick Tock
  • Daniel Yarter: Tick Tock
  • Morgan House: Tick Tock
  • Tawnee Leonardo: Tick Tock
  • Felipe Torres: Tick Tock
  • Robin DeHaven: Tick Tock
  • Jim Stem: Tick Tock
  • Alan Urista: Tick Tock
  • Lauren Woodcock: Tick Tock
  • Gabe Delagarza: Tick Tock
  • Dolf Berle: Tick Tock
  • Amos Lozano: Tick Tock
  • GeAnna Manners: Tick Tock
  • Jefe Greenheart: Tick Tock
  • John Jones: Tick Tock
  • David Garner: Tick Tock
  • Kat Ratcliff: Tick Tock
  • Chynna Hart: Tick Tock
  • Adam Zaelit: Tick Tock
  • Brittany Hanks: Tick Tock
  • Micah Patout: Tick Tock
  • Ian Waggoner: Tick Tock
  • Katie Valletutti: Tick Tock
  • Charles Badu: Tick Tock
  • Chris Allen: Tick Tock
  • Willie Williams: Tick Tock
  • Andrew Swinghamer: Spinning Bridge
  • Kevin Jordan: Spinning Bridge
  • Michael Ray Garvin: Spinning Bridge
  • Matthew Laessig: Spinning Bridge
  • Kaiti Haymaker: Spinning Bridge
  • Charles Blacknall Sr.: Spinning Bridge
  • Ben Vinson: Spinning Bridge
  • Frank Chapman: Spinning Bridge
  • Sherrie Laureano: Spinning Bridge
  • Parish Cardenas: Spinning Bridge
  • Josh Norton: Sky Hooks
  • Von Chan: Sky Hooks
  • Moises Reyes: Sky Hooks
  • Chris Cambre: Sky Hooks
  • Ephraim Taylor: Sky Hooks
  • Flip White Jr.: Sky Hooks
  • Matt Stringer: Sky Hooks
  • Chris Grammer: Sky Hooks
  • Chris Hackney: Sky Hooks
  • Kacy Catanzaro: Sky Hooks
  • LJ Lightburne: Sky Hooks
  • Jeremy McZeal: Sky Hooks
  • Nico Gentry: Sky Hooks
  • Michael Moore: Sky Hooks
  • Joe Calderon: Sky Hooks
  • Thomas Stefanik: Sky Hooks
  • Jessell Boseman: Sky Hooks
  • Stacey Ervin: Sky Hooks
  • Brett Folmar: Sky Hooks
  • Rynel Gervacio: Sky Hooks
  • Charles Blacknall II: Sky Hooks
  • Argenis Alvarez: Sky Hooks
  • Timothy Snow: Sky Hooks
  • Max Soria: Sky Hooks
  • Kesh Phillips: Sky Hooks
  • Cass Clawson: Pipe Fitter
  • Kenny Niemitalo: Pipe Fitter
  • Tremayne Dortch: Pipe Fitter
  • Barclay Stockett: Pipe Fitter
  • Sam Ballard: Pipe Fitter
  • David Yarter: Pipe Fitter
  • Will Smithee: Pipe Fitter
  • Matt Holt: Pipe Fitter
  • Brandon Pannell: Pipe Fitter
  • Nate Burkhalter: Pipe Fitter
  • Blake Devine: Pipe Fitter
  • Kye Ackel: Pipe Fitter
  • Damir Okanovic: Pipe Fitter
  • Jared Bandy: Pipe Fitter
  • Jody Avila: Complete
  • Grant Clinton: Complete
  • Karsten Williams: Complete
  • Jonathan Horton: Complete
  • Josh Salinas: Complete
  • Andrew Lowes: Complete
  • Abel Gonzalez: Complete
  • Jonathan Parr: Complete
  • Brent Steffensen: Complete
  • Thomas Stillings: Complete
  • Tanr Ross: Complete
  • Victor Juarez: Complete
  • Kevin Klein: Complete
  • Brian Burkhardt: Complete
  • Nicholas Coolridge: Complete
  • Daniel Gil: Complete

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