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Barclay Stockett gave it everything she had to earn first place at Ultimate Backyard Warrior

She had a very scary moment after she completed stage four.

At the Ultimate Backyard Warrior competition, Barclay Stockett was a powerhouse. The Ninja Warrior took first place in the women’s division. But it wasn’t easy.

Barclay had to give the four courses everything she had. So much so that after she completed the last stage, she collapsed and needed her fellow Ninjas to help her.

In the video above, we watch Barclay complete the 100ft rope climb in an incredible one minute and 41 seconds. But as she touches back down on the ground, you can almost feel her fatigue as she stumbles forward.

Turns out, she was also battling heat exhaustion during her climb.

Jordan Brown

Luckily, Barclay was alright, and made a quick recovery with the help of her Ninja Warrior family.

Here’s what she had to say about the experience in her own words:

“Finished stage one and two.

In stage one it took me three attempts to get up the wall. Before my last attempt you can hear Maggi Thorne offer to let me wipe the mud off my shoes onto her shirt and then I'm able to make it.

In stage 3 I got disqualified for the edge of my heel hitting the wrong landing pad.

After climbing the rope I was able to stand for a a little while until my legs gave out and Jamie Rahn caught me and carried me into the gym. I just realized that I have no recollection of them taking the harness off of me.

I felt extremely weak and slightly disoriented. Nick Patel was in the middle of a therapy session with Drew Dreschel, but both of them came over to try to help Jamie cool me off. Jamie poured water down my neck, my chest, and my head. Drew pulled my shoes and socks off and began fanning me off, while Nick started massaging my arms to get blood flow back into them. They all stayed by my side and made sure I ate something and got some electrolytes into my body.

I wasn't the only one who suffered heat exhaustion at UBW. Drew told me that heat exhaustion is actually quite common with rope climbs that high accompanied with that much physical exertion.

Overall, I just feel extremely grateful for my ninja family. They cared for me so selflessly and made me feel really loved. So grateful!”

We’re so relieved that Barclay is okay! It’s an important reminder of the heavy physical tasks Ninjas are undertaking when we see them on the course.

Watch all of Barclay’s incredible runs at the Ultimate Backyard Warrior below.

Stage One

Stage Two

Stage Three

Congratulations on the well-earned first place, Barclay!