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First look: Kacy Catanzaro’s San Antonio City Qualifiers run

#MightyKacy is back on the course!

When American Ninja Warrior visited San Antonio, Texas, the course was right in the backyard of Kacy Catanzaro. Kacy was the first woman to make it up the Warped Wall and is still the only woman to complete a City Finals course.

She returns to the course for season nine tonight, June 19 for her City Qualifiers run. Now, take a sneak peek at how she handles the first few obstacles!

She tackled the Floating Steps like the seasoned pro she is.

The pendulum on Tick Tock is heavier than she is! Kacy hurled herself on to it to get the momentum she needed.

Last, we see her take on the Spinning Bridge!

We’ll get to see the rest of Kacy’s run tonight, June 19 at 8pm on NBC!