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Karsten Williams just can’t help himself when it comes to hitting buzzers

He HAS to get there, no matter what’s happening around him.

In the second round of the Wildcard battle, the teams knew this was their last shot to get back on the path to the trophy. The episode started off with Chris Wilczewski’s Lab Rats pitted against Karsten Williams’ Fast Kats.

The teams had traded points for the first couple rounds, so it came down to the anchor run, worth two points. Team captain Karsten went in for his team. Brian Wilczewski went in for the Lab Rats.

Karsten has been an incredible competitor all season long. It’s like he’s magnetically drawn to the buzzer.

Both Ninjas took to the course with all the speed they had.

It was pretty close as they went through the Swing Jump.

But after that, Karsten started to pull ahead.

He beat Brian to the Swinging Spikes and was feeling the lure of the buzzer.

Karsten used all his body weight to build momentum for a huge dismount.

He made it look easy and was totally in the clear as he went for the Warped Wall.

With that buzzer, Karsten’s Fast Kats won their first match up of the day.

To find out if they made it to the Team Ninja Warrior finals, read the full recap here.