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The Floating Tiles flipped this Team Ninja Warrior race on its head

Michelle Warnkey and Joy Strickland were both caught by surprise.

It was only the second heat of the first match up when things got crazy between Karsten’s Fast Kats and Chris Wilczewski’s Lab Rats. Both teams were jockeying for the top seed position in the second round of the Team Ninja Warrior Wildcard battle.

When Joy Strickland went up against Michelle Warnky there was a plot twist coming at the fourth obstacle.

Michelle, who has had a great season on Team Ninja Warrior, took a slight lead over Joy early on.

But at the ring of Fire, it was Joy who dismounted first.

At the Swing Jump, the Ninjas were head to head again.

But then came the Floating Tiles. This is were things went squirrelly. If you look at the photo below, you can see them just about to step on the same tile at the same time.

This made both of them unbalanced. Joy was flipped fully upside down and into the water.

At the same time, Michelle tripped as well and found herself dangling from one of the support bungees.

But Michelle managed to hang on. The two competitors shared a glance as Joy knew she was out. Michelle just had to scramble to the landing pad to earn the point, which she did.

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