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Kevin Klein landed an impossible dismount to score a point on Team Ninja Warrior

How in the world did he not end up in the water?

In part two of the Team Ninja Warrior Wildcard battle, we kicked things off with Chris Wilczewski’s Lab Rats taking on Karsten William’s Fast Kats.

Chris had received an injury during a previous run still wasn’t feeling up to running the course. Alternate Arnold Hernandez was sent in again. He was racing Kevin Klein of the Fast Kats.

In a crazy tussle, things got personal on the Swinging Spikes. Check it out.

Kevin had a strong lead for pretty much the entirety of the race.

Arnold was never too far behind so there was still a chance for the Lab Rats, but he would need to make a plan of attack quickly.

Kevin was on to the Swinging Spikes first and Arnold made a bid to pass him.

If you look closely here, you can see Arnold grabbing the exact spike Kevin is already on, trying to suck the momentum out of his movements.

This leaves Kevin trying to dismount from the fourth spike from the end! It seriously didn’t look possible.

But BOOM. Kevin landed it!

With that advantage, there was no stopping him. Kevin raced up the Warped Wall and grabbed the point for Karsten’s Fast Kats.

You can find a full recap of the episode here.