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Here are the American Ninja Warriors moving on to the Los Angeles City Finals

With 22 course competitions, this is a strong field of Ninjas!

Tyler Golden/NBC

When American Ninja Warrior returned with the LA City Qualifiers, we were introduced to two brutal new obstacles, but an even tougher crowd of Ninjas!

Here are the warriors we’ll see back in Los Angeles in a few weeks time. The first 22 Ninjas on this list all completed the course.

Top 30

  1. Grant McCartney
  2. Adam Rayl
  3. Kevin Bull
  4. Brian Wilczewski
  5. Sean Bryan
  6. Ryan Robinson
  7. Nick Hanson
  8. Flip Rodriguez
  9. Gabe Hurtado
  10. Anthony Trucks
  11. Brent Bundy
  12. Robin Pietschmann
  13. Jackson Meyer
  14. Kapu Gaison
  15. Josh Levin
  16. Riles Ngana
  17. Westley Silvestri
  18. Charlie Andrews
  19. Benjamin Humphrys
  20. Sander Odish
  21. Anton Reichel
  22. Steve Seiver
  23. Daniel Moreno
  24. Zhanique Lovett
  25. Tyler Vogt
  26. Alan Connealy
  27. David Campbell
  28. Scott Willson
  29. K.C. Halik
  30. Tiana Webberley
Tyler Golden/NBC

Here are the top five women who will also be moving on to the City Finals, per the new rule.

Top 5 Women

  1. Zhanique Lovett
  2. Tiana Webberley
  3. April Steiner Bennett
  4. Rebekah Bonilla
  5. Natalie Duran

Click here for a full recap of the episode.

Congrats, Ninjas! What a way to kick off the new season!