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This Team Ninja Warrior relay race was too close to call till the very end

Team Ronin vs Towers of Power

After a grueling day of match ups, Flip Rodriguez’s Team Ronin and Brandon Mears’ Towers of Power faced each other in the final relay race on Team Ninja Warrior.

The relay race is do or die. All of the previous wins would count for nothing if they were unable to reach the buzzer first. The losing team would go home. The winner would move on to the finals.

Neither team planned to lose this. Every team member put their heart into their performance to create one incredibly close run.

The first three obstacles were handled by Tiana Webberley and Selena Laniel.

It was Tiana who took the lead off the Ring of Fire.

This enabled her to tag in Flip first.

Flip cruised through the Floating Tiles.

When he got to the Fly Wheels, Dan Polizzi was coming up quick from behind.

Dan managed to pass Flip and crush the Fly Wheels.

He tagged in Brandon as Flip reached the Warped Wall.

But Flip brought in JJ Woods just a moment later.

Now it was an even match between Brandon and JJ.

It was almost like they were in sync.

Brandon took a small lead when he sprinted to the Invisible Ladder first.

Again, you couldn’t tell who was going to come out on top.

Finally, there was a break in the tension. Brandon began slowing down as JJ sped up.

JJ completed the Ladder, hit the buzzer and sent Team Ronin to the finals!

It wasn’t all over for the Towers of Power, though. They were given the chance to redeem themselves on the upcoming wildcard episode.

You can find a full recap of the episode here.