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These foster puppies named after American Ninja Warriors will make your day

This is EXACTLY what you needed to see right now.

My Ninja Warrior Foster Puppies. Meet Roo, Jessie, Drew and Kacy. (Thanks Roo for being such an awesome advocate for pet adoptions!)

Posted by Carla Wilson on Monday, 8 May 2017

Carla Wilson shared a picture of her adorable foster puppies with American Ninja Warrior Nation and they have the most incredible names!

Roo Yori is known as the K9 Ninja. He’s dedicated his life and his Ninja Warrior runs to raising awareness for dog rescue and adoption. So it’s only fitting one of those cute little faces bears his name!

Jessie Graff is the incredible athlete who is the only woman to complete Stage One at the National Finals. Drew Drechsel is a Ninja legend who, in season 8, went farther than any other competitor. Kacy Catzanzaro is a Ninja hero, the first woman to complete the Warped Wall and the only woman to complete a City Finals course.

Now, in the ultimate show of fandom, these Ninjas have PUPPIES named after them!

We’re so thankful to Carla for opening her home to these cuties and sharing their faces with us!