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Jamie Rahn’s split second win over Nicholas Coolridge will have you screaming

They cleared the Team Ninja Warrior course in less than 37 seconds with less than 1 second between them.

In the first knockout round of May 2’s Team Ninja Warrior episode, Jessie Graff’s G-Force faced Jamie Rahn’s Superhero Squad.

G-Force had a commanding lead, beating the Superhero Squad in both previous heats has they headed into the anchor run. The anchor run is worth two points. The Superhero Squad sent in team captain Jamie Rahn to try to force a sudden death match.

But to get there, Jamie would have to beat Nicholas Coolridge. This was a match up of strong Ninjas with a lot on the line.

They both knew there was zero room for error and they flew down the course at a blazing speed, matching each other obstacle for obstacle.

Both were flawless, reaching the Warped Wall at the same time.

It was anyone’s guess as they cleared the Wall. Their teams, watching below, were exploding with excitement.

Jamie thrust himself over the lip of the Wall just a moment before Nicholas, and stretched for the buzzer.

Nicholas’ face said it all as he realized he’d lost by a tiny margin. It was a less than one second difference.

Jamie couldn’t help but enjoy the hard earned victory just a little. He’d kept his team from being eliminated and forced a sudden death run.

In true Ninja-fashion, they congratulated each other on an incredible run, the fastest of the day, that had all the fans on their feet.

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