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This Team Ninja Warrior run between Nicholas Coolridge and JoJo Bynum was crazy and very wet

How many times can one person fall in the water and still win the heat?

Team Ninja Warrior always delivers on action-packed runs. Splashy eliminations, buzzers hit just moments apart, it’s always packed with twists and adrenaline.

But no one could have predicted what happened during this run between team G-Force, lead by Jessie Graff, and the Average JoJo’s, captained by JoJo Bynum.

It was the anchor run of the first match up, worth two points. This meant either G-Force would have a clean sweep, or the Average JoJo’s could tie them and force a sudden death run. The stakes were high.

Nicholas Coolridge took on JoJo Bynum.

At the dismount from the Ring of Fire, Nicholas missed the landing and plummeted into the water.

But wait, contact with the water is allowed in Team Ninja Warrior as long as they don’t lose contact with the obstacle. This meant Nicholas was still in as he clutched to the landing pad.

But the very next obstacle, the Swing Jump, sent Nicholas into the water AGAIN. JoJo cleared the cargo net and started to move down the course.

It was assumed that G-Force had lost.

Against the odds, Nicholas was still in the competition. Again, he had not lost contact with the obstacle and was trying to climb up.

This gave JoJo had a huge lead. He was already on the Bar Hop while Nicholas was struggling.

In an insane display of balance, Nicholas was actually able to stand on the swing and start building momentum towards the net.

But this emotional rollercoaster wasn’t done yet!

JoJo fell from the Bar Hop. This meant if Nicholas could actually get there and complete the obstacle, G-Force would have the win.

And he did make the transfer, breathing life into a previously drowned run.

He dove across the Floating Tiles.

Everyone held their breath as he reached Bar Hop.

JoJo and his team could only stand on the sidelines and watch as Nicholas completed the obstacle, securing the win.

But just to close it out, he stripped off his wet shoes and socks.

And completed the Warped Wall to officially hit the buzzer.

It certainly wasn’t pretty, but Nicholas Coolridge gave G-Force a clean sweep in the first match up of the episode.

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