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Tiana Webberley and Jeri D'Aurelio’s race all came down to one moment on the Warped Wall

The Wall has a way of giving every run some added suspense.

It was early on in the May 30 Team Ninja Warrior episode when we saw Tiana Webberley race Jeri D'Aurelio.

Both are American Ninja Warrior competitors. Tiana was on Flip Rodriguez’s Team Ronin. Jeri was on Abel Gonzalez’s team InvincAbels. Both women are accomplished and serious competitors. After a tight race, it would all come down to the treachery of the iconic Warped Wall.

Tiana and Jeri started out neck in neck.

But as per usual, the Ring of Fire was the obstacle that caused a break in the race. Tiana got the dismount first, giving her the edge.

Jeri was not far behind her as they went through the Swing Jump.

Jeri crossed the Floating Tiles after Tiana, and had a scary fall. But she put all her energy into recovering and staying in the race.

Things were evened up when Jeri caught Tiana on the Fly Wheels.

When Tiana went for the Warped Wall, Jeri was literally just a few steps behind her.

Tiana missed her first attempt at the Wall, meaning Jeri still had a chance to take the point.

They were even once again as Jeri began her first attempt, and Tiana started her second go at the Wall.

This time it was Jeri who slipped, while Tiana grabbed hold.

Tiana brought the second point of the episode home to Team Ronin.

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