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Lorin Ball couldn’t keep up with Noel Reyes during this Knockout Round

Noel just expanded on his previous success with his second run.

In the second Knockout Round of May 23’s Team Ninja Warrior, Labreckfast Club went up against The Ballers.

Labreckfast Club, led by Jesse Labreck, had swept their first match up against Stratis Faction, and went into the round on a high note. The Ballers, led by Lorin Ball, had lost their match up by two points.

The Knockout Round kicked off with team captain Lorin racing against Noel Reyes. Noel had an impressive first race, battling Mike Bernardo for the buzzer. Lorin has made a name for himself as a speedster on the course. This race was anyone’s guess.

Noel was the first to edge out a lead after the Ring of Fire.

Lorin wasn’t letting him get comfortable though.

Both were cautious on the Floating Tiles, with Noel claiming the lead here as well.

He carried that lead through the Spin Cycle as Lorin started to seriously lag behind.

In a surprising result, Lorin was almost nowhere to be found when Noel went up the Warped Wall.

In his second smooth round, Noel snagged the point for Labreckfast Club!

However, there was a twist ending heading their way. Find out what happened in the full episode recap here.