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Jesse Labreck might have been a rookie, but she was no novice on the Team Ninja Warrior course

She flawlessly handled her first race.

Jesse Labreck, captain of team Labreakfast Club, may have been a Team Ninja Warrior rookie this season, but there was no way to tell from her first run against Grace Sims from Stratis Faction.

Jesse gained an early lead and maintained it with a smooth ride through the Ring of Fire.

Grace struggled a bit on the obstacle, giving Jesse more time to navigate the course.

She deftly handled the Swing Jump.

She showed zero hesitation on the Spin Cycle.

Jesse was calm and collected as she went up the Warped Wall.

With that buzzer, she earned another point for her team. Labreckfast Club would go on to sweep the first match up against Stratis Faction.

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