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Noel Reyes and Mike Bernardo had to fight till the finish in this Team Ninja Warrior run

There was no room for looking back. No room for errors.

In the second match up of May 23’s Team Ninja Warrior, Stratis Faction faced Labreckfast Club. They kicked things off with a run so close, it looked like a photo finish.

Mike Bernardo represented Stratis Faction. Noel Reyes was on Labreckfast Club.

Mike took the lead early with a fancy little spin off the Ring of Fire.

He would also clear the Swing Jump first, but Noel was hot on his heels.

When Mike briefly missed a grab on the Spin Cycle, Noel tied things up.

They both went for the Warped Wall at the same time.

It was a dead tie at the top of the Wall!

Look at this. Noel’s fingertips snag the buzzer JUST before Mike can get there.

The point went to Labreckfast Club. Mike congratulated Noel on a well-fought race.

You can find a full recap of the episode here.