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Stephen Amell’s full Celebrity Ninja Warrior run

Fans finally got to see the action they’d been craving!

We can't believe our eyes! Watch Stephen Amell glide through the course in our partner M&M's U.S.A. Run of the Night.

Posted by NBC on Thursday, May 25, 2017

When Stephen Amell, star of the hit show “Arrow,” finally got on the American Ninja Warrior course, there was one question on everyone’s mind: Could he live up to the hype?

The answer? Yeah, duh. Of course.

Floating Steps? No problem.

Cannon Ball Drop? Easy peasy.

The Fly Wheels? He looked bored.

He SAID Block Run looked scary, but yeah, didn’t phase him.

The Battering Ram is a tough obstacle for even seasoned Ninja Warriors!

Warped Wall was no issue at all.

He hit the buzzer. So he was done, right? Huh, wait? Stephen wanted to KEEP GOING?

There was no way he was passing up the Salmon Ladder!

He even gave the Swinging Peg Board a try.

Okay, he FINALLY had a limitation.

Stephen Amell was a superhero for Red Nose Day and fans everywhere rejoiced!