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Ninja Warriors’ reactions to magic tricks are kind of adorable

When the Magic Ninja pulled out his deck of cards, these Ninja Warriors were in for a shock.

Young Ninja Chase goes by the name Magic Ninja. Aside from just Ninja Warrior training, he’s honing his skills as a magician.

When he stopped by the Wolfpack Ninja Tour, he used the opportunity to show off his abilities to some of his Ninja Warrior idols.

Their reactions to being baffled by Chase’s tricks are pretty great.

Kevin Bull was thrilled to be stumped.

Ryan Stratis declared it the work of a true Ninja.

Joe Moravsky tried to be on the look out for the inner workings of the trick, but had to admit that he was impressed.

Now, Evan Dollard, he went on quite the emotional journey.

First, there was denial.

Then giddy shock.

There was a little bit of bargaining.


Followed by acceptance. And the realization he was in the presence of true magic, which made him a little nervous.

Great job, Chase! Keep those Ninja Warriors on their toes!