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Akbar asked celebrities to pronounce his last name and it wasn’t pretty

At least they all gave it a whole-hearted try!

When all of NBC's stars get together... what else am I to do, then get them to (attempt) to say my name For the record Ninja Warrior's Matt Iseman still practices it

Posted by Akbar Gbajabiamila on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

As American Ninja Warrior fans, we’re all very familiar with host Akbar’s slightly complicated last name. We’ve had time to learn that once you analyze it, it’s not too bad.

The G is silent. Then break it down. Baja. Bia. Mila. Gbajabiamila. Totally easy.

Okay, yes, it’s very intimidating upon first glance. Watch Akbar spring his last name on some unsuspecting celebrities. It gets rough.