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Karsten Williams proved why he named his team the Fast Kats

This Team Ninja Warrior run was flawless.

It was the last heat of the knockout round for Karsten William’s Fast Kats and Alan Connealy’s Flowmingos.

The Fast Kats had swept the previous two heats. If the Flowmingos didn’t pull out a win in this race, they’d be out of Team Ninja Warrior.

The team captains themselves took on the responsibility.

When Alan got stuck on the Ring of Fire, he gave the speedy Karsten the chance to build an impressive lead.

As Karsten cleared obstacles, the gap just got wider.

He was at the Fly Wheels by the time Alan was off the Ring of Fire.

There was no stopping Karsten.

With the push of the buzzer, Fast Kats moved to the relay finale. Flowmingos were out.

But hey, at least Alan went out in style!

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