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Both Kacy Catanzaro and Joy Strickland almost took a plunge during this Team Ninja Warrior run

The exactly same tile tripped them up.

On the fifth episode of Team Ninja Warrior, Team Alpha went against Karsten’s Fast Kats in the first match up.

Team Alpha, led by Brent Steffensen, had Kacy Catzanzaro head into the second heat. She faced Karsten Williams’ female pick for his team, Joy Strickland.

Both would manage miraculous recoveries after daunting falls.

The race started with the Ninjas pretty much tied up.

Both were stuck on Ring of Fire for quite some time. Joy finally managed the dismount first, giving her the edge.

Kacy was not far behind. They were tied again by the Swing Jump.

But this time, it was Kacy with the quick dismount, giving her the lead.

Here’s where things got scary. Kacy tripped on the Floating Tiles, rotating completely upside down. Watching it, you were sure she was about to be out.

But Kacy recovered and moved on!

Moments later, Joy started across the Tiles. At the exact same spot as Kacy, Joy tripped as well! Her feet land in the water, but she was able to pull through and save the run.

While that was happening, Kacy was on to the Fly Wheels.

Joy almost caught Kacy there, but the veteran Ninja Warrior moved on to the Warped Wall.

The obstacle gave her no trouble at all.

After what looked like an exhausting run, Kacy gave a buzzer a two-handed push.

The point went to Team Alpha.

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