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Joe Moravsky and JB Douglas each performed magic during this unbelievable run

They both must have teleported to change leads like this!

In the second match up of the May 16 episode of Team Ninja Warrior, Storm Team was in a precarious position.

The team, captained by Joe Moravsky, had lost its first two heats to Alan Connealy’s Flowmingos. Joe then took on the two-point anchor run against JB Douglas. When JB fell on the Ring of Fire, it was tied up for a Sudden Death match.

And holy heck, what a match it was! Joe and JB went crazy on one of the most thrilling runs of the season!

First, Joe gave us one of the smoothest dismounts from the Ring of Fire that we’ve seen.

The flawless performance, matched with his speed, gave him a strong lead. He glanced back once to see JB almost an obstacle behind him.

But JB was NOT about to be counted out. He appeared out of nowhere and caught up to Joe on the Fly Wheels.

He changed the whole game when he nailed the dismount well before Joe.

JB was at the top of the Warped Wall just as Joe was starting.

So this was a done deal, right? NOPE. Suddenly Joe is right next to JB at the top of the Wall. Pretty sure he teleported there.

In a harrowing finish, Joe slams the buzzer less than a second before JB.

The dramatic turn around gave the win to Storm Team!

You can find a full recap of the episode here.