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The water bottle muscle up challenge is impossible, yet somehow people are nailing it

How? Why? WHAT?!?

Oh, social media fitness challenges. Those delightful little hashtags on Instagram that motivate the strongest (and sometimes craziest) to try something a little outside of the box.

Take the water bottle muscle up challenge. It involved performing a muscle up, a move that already looks pretty darn hard, while balancing a water bottle on your head.

Yeah. Right.

It’s definitely not easy. It’s taking people a few tries to figure it out.

Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Because, you know, gravity and all that.

Water bottle challenge... Fail!!! #crossfit #waterbottlechallenge #crossfitfails #soclose #tillnextime #strictmuscleup

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But...wait. This hero pulls it off in the rain, without grasping the bar, and set the video to smooth jazz.

When you first see someone nail it, you’re pretty much shocked into silence.

Then you start cheering them on as they make their slow rise to glory. Go! Go! Go! It’s pretty exciting to watch them get it together.


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This is the perfect move for our beloved American Ninja Warriors. Insane upper body strength? Mental focus? Core strength to stay stabilized? Check. Check. Check.

If you’ve seen a Ninja Warrior post a water bottle challenge clip, link us in the comments!