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This young Ninja with one arm did not let it stop him from hitting the buzzer

Anything is possible when Ninjas work together!

The first event of the Wolfpack Ninja Tour brought together some of the biggest and best American Ninja Warrior stars.

It also brought those Ninjas together with some incredible fans.

Check out this video of JJ Woods and Flip Rodriguez helping a young Ninja, Austin, with one arm traverse the whole course.

With JJ next to him, and Flip down below, they worked out a plan on how to tackle each obstacle.

Austin showed AMAZING focus, strength and balance, while the Ninjas gave him their support.

Flip and JJ were there for him every step of the way, but he also showed just how independent he was.

Look at that calm and level expression while he took on a course that defeated a lot of adults.

Even at the terrifying floating boards, the three of them knew they could find a way to make it work.

JJ and Flip let Austin have the spotlight to himself as he found his own way up the Warped Wall.

After he hit the buzzer, they joined him in celebrating his accomplishment.

For Ninja Warriors, nothing is impossible.

Amazing work, Austin!