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Entertainment Tonight’s Cameron Mathison took a dive on the American Ninja Warrior course

Can Cam be a Ninja Warrior? Kind of...

“Entertainment Tonight” kicked off their “Can Cam?” series by challenging host Cameron Mathison to become an American Ninja Warrior.

Sure. Super easy task, right?

Smartly, Cameron started his Ninja journey by training with one of the best, Jessie Graff.

He also got in a session at Arnold Hernandez’s LA Ninja gym.

But after that, it was off to Cleveland for the real thing.

Cameron still needed the expertise of a Ninja, so he tagged in Natalie Duran to be his sideline coach.

He was all smiles as he started the course.

That is, until he got a good look at the Rolling Log.

He managed to hold on for dear life on the log! On third obstacle, Cameron’s speed and balance was tested.

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t make it past that point. Ouch.

But hey, he gave it his all! And he scored a Pom Wonderful towel as a souvenir.

Great job, Cameron!