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Team Ninja Warrior sideline host Alex Curry reveals her favorite run this season (so far)

The sports reporter gave us her take on how season two is shaping up.

Brandon Hickman/USA Network

For the past two seasons, Ninja Warrior fans have gotten to know Alex Curry along the sidelines of Team Ninja Warrior. The TV host and reporter for FOX Sports West helps the Ninjas analyze and digest what just happened during their runs.

While Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila make their wise-cracks and puns up in their tower, Alex is on the ground in the thick of it. She’s often the first person a Ninja speaks to after a thrilling win or a harrowing loss.

Alex saw all the action on Team Ninja Warrior take place up close and personal. So we wanted her thoughts on what we’ve seen so far in season two.

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Were you an American Ninja Warrior fan before Team Ninja Warrior came along?

AC: Oh yeah, I’ve been watching American Ninja Warrior since it was on G4.

Why did you want to be the side-line host for Team Ninja Warrior?

AC: Everything about this show is amazing. There’s so much action, the Ninjas are insanely talented. That it sucks you in from the first run and then you’re hooked and glued to the TV.

And one of my favorite parts is how much love and respect these competitors have for one another. It’s a beautiful Ninja community and it’s truly inspiring to see them cheering each other on and pushing each other to reach that buzzer.

What are your thoughts on what we've seen so far in season two?

AC: This is a hard course and the Ring of Fire has been a Ninja killer. Anything can happen, and we’ve seen quite a few upsets and favorites get beat.

What’s been your favorite match-up from this season so far?

AC: I love seeing how dominating these women have become. We’ve seen so many get up the Warped Wall for the first time in competition.

But one of my favorite runs so far has been the race between Jessie Graff and Kirsti Pratt. It was so exciting.

You interview so many different athletes. Did anything stand out, or surprise you about working with Ninja Warriors?

AC: I have so much respect for athletes. It takes a crazy amount of dedication and hard work to be the best at your craft, and make it to a professional level in any sport.

But as I said before I was surprised and truly inspired to see how close the Ninja community is, and to see them cheering each other on, even if they are potentially competing against each other down the road.

Have you tried any of the obstacles yourself?

AC: I thought it about, but after seeing a few of the top Ninjas crash on the course, on obstacles they have trained for, I opted out.

BUT if I get a little practice and some training from the Ninjas you may see me out there after a race one day.