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The stakes were high when Dan Galiczynski and Nate Burkhalter faced off on Team Ninja Warrior

Their teams both needed them to fight for the point.

When Phoenix Force went up against Iron Grip in the first knockout round of Team Ninja Warrior, no one knew what to expect.

Both of competitors in the first heat of the knockout had previously fallen. Dan Galiczynski fell from the Pole Grasper. Nate Burkhalter had fallen on the Floating Tiles.

This meant the pressure was on. Not only were they battling to keep their teams in the game, but they needed to prove themselves on the course.

Nate took a HUGE dismount off the Ring of Fire. The risky move paid off by giving him a solid lead.

Dan had been hung up on the Ring of Fire, but put in a tremendous effort to close the gap, catching up to Nate on the Pole Grasper.

Nate’s speed was too much. He completed the Pole Grasper and had no trouble with the Warped Wall.

While Nate celebrated, Dan finished the course as well. Both had stayed dry this run, but Phoenix Force was now down a point.

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