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Daniel Gil put it all on the line for this Team Ninja Warrior win

It looked like he would lose until he kicked into a whole other gear.

In their first matchup against the Lab Rats, Daniel Gil’s team, Iron Grip, was in a dangerous position. The first two heats had been swept by Chris Wilczewski’s team. In the anchor run, Daniel had to win to earn two points and force a sudden death run.

He went up against Brian Wilczewski. Brian is no joke on the course. This would not be an easy win for Daniel. Both competitors would have to put it all on the line.

That’s just what they did. Creating one of the most intense runs of the episode.

Right off the bat, Daniel fought to build a lead.

But it was Brian who launched off Ring of Fire first.

On the Swing Jump, Brian was still in the lead, and Daniel swung a little low, getting his feet wet.

Brian was moving fast, but now Daniel was going for broke. He leapt on to the Pole Grasper, landing low, but worked to recover.

He was just a few poles ahead of Brian, but that’s all he needed.

Daniel, despite his wet shoes, stormed up the Warped Wall, taking the win and forcing a tie-breaker.

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