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Michelle Warnky showed exactly how she’s never lost a Team Ninja Warrior match

The American Ninja Warrior is strong, consistent and calm on the course.

In the second knockout round of the May 9 episode of Team Ninja Warrior, Team Grit took on the Lab Rats. Chris Wilczewski’s Lab Rats had won their first match up against Daniel Gil’s Iron Grip and were looking to maintain that lead.

Team Grit, led by Lance Pekus had lost their previous match up against Najee Richardson’s Phoenix Force. They were hungry to redeem themselves.

The second heat of the knockout match up starred the women of the teams. Lab Rats sent in American Ninja Warrior veteran Michelle Warnky, who has never lost a match on Team Ninja Warrior. Team Grit’s Maggi Thorne is also a show veteran and a Spartan racer. These are two tough women.

Maggi and Michelle reached the Ring of Fire at the same moment.

But it was Michelle who got the dismount first, allowing her to create a lead.

She was already done with the Floating Tiles when Maggi completed the Swing Jump.

Her strong advantage held all the way down the course. Michelle was eyeing the dismount from the Pole Grasper as Maggi reached the obstacle.

The Warped Wall gave her no trouble at all.

With tongue out and thumbs up, Michelle earned the point for the Lab Rats! Her run was one of the fastest of the episode.

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