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Kirsti Pratt faced-off with Jessie Graff on Team Ninja Warrior

Jessie is a powerhouse, but Kirsti is bringing her A-game.

Team Ninja Warrior returned with the third week of qualifiers on May 2. Jessie Graff’s team G-Force, challenged JoJo Bynum’s Average JoJo’s in the first match up of the episode.

In the second heat of the match up, Jessie Graff took on Kirsti Pratt of the Average JoJo’s.

While Jessie is an American Ninja Warrior phenom, Kirsti Pratt is an incredibly strong contender. She’s a two time veteran to American Ninja Warrior and has done great in local Ninja-style competitions since the end of season eight.

This race could have easily gone either way.

On the Ring of Fire, Jessie was snagged, while Kirsti got the early dismount.

This let Kirsti take on the Swing Jump on her own.

Jessie was slightly behind, but got her feet wet, which can always spell danger at the Warped Wall.

Kirsti’s lead took her to the Bar Hop, where it looked like she was slowing down.

Kirsti tried to maintain her slim lead, with Jessie coming up quickly.

Jessie got the dismount first.

But when she paused to wipe her wet shoes, Kirsti tore past her.

Both Ninjas missed their first attempt at the Wall, leaving them in a dead heat.

On their second attempts, Jessie slipped again, while Kirsti found the edge.

Kirsti Pratt beat out Jessie Graff to take home the point for the Average JoJo’s.

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