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Your favorite American Ninja Warriors competed at the Wolfpack Ninja Tour

Ninjas and fans alike enjoyed the intense runs at Magness Arena in Denver, CO.

The Wolfpack Ninja Tour’s first stop took place April 29 and 30 in Denver, CO. The massive event brought together American Ninja Warriors with their fans and new competitors who wanted to challenge them on the course.

Taking place in Magness Arena, the event looked fantastic. Ninjas and spectators alike seemed to be having a great time.

You can review the full results from the competition here.

The pro Ninjas were competing for cash as well as glory.

And the winners of the first #WolfpackNinjaTour are..... and @jessiegraffpwr had to catch a flight :)

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Adam Rayl and Drew Drechsel faced off in the finals.

The two men in the final round at the #WolfpackNinjaTour!

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Meagan Martin and Jessie Graff also battled it out.

@meaganmartin89 and @jessiegraffpwr go head to head at the #WolfpackNinjaTour!

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Fans got to see runs from American Ninja Warrior favorites like Kevin Bull, JJ Watts and Tremayne Dortch.

Heres my Fastest run from the #wolfpacktour in Denver this weekend! #kevinbull #ninja

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Magness Arena was the perfect place to put the action on display.

The course, decked out in Wolfpack Ninja colors, was impressive to say the least.

While it was a competition, it was also a lot of fun for the Ninjas.

One thing that made the Wolfpack Ninja Tour really special: Fans becoming competitors. Check out this run from a dedicated Ninja Warrior fan who’s turned his life around by training for events like this.

Little Ninjas got a chance to meet up with, and learn from, their heroes.

Future rope climb champion in training with our #Wolfpup @iandory. #WolfpackNinjaTour #WPNT #WolfpackNinjas in #Denver

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@meaganmartin89 teaching little ninjas at the #WolfpackNinjaTour. #WPNT #WolfpackNinjas in #Denver

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Learn more about the Wolfpack Ninja Tour and find out when they might come to your area by following @WolfpackNinjaWarrior on Instagram.